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New Roofs

We install brand new roofs: shingle, tile, coating, and fabric (main residence or patio).  Using the best materials for your house and needs, we will expertly install a new roof that will protect your home for years to come.  We warranty our work.  You'll get a new roof and peace of mind.

To properly install a new roof, you often need to completely tear off the old one.  We often do this in conjunction with the installation of your new roof, but we are also available for just tear offs.  Know how to roof but can't do the tear off yourself? Call us and we'll take care of it, including hauling away all of the old material.

Regardless of who has done your roof, we're available for repairs.  Roof or patios, shingles or tiles, we can fix it all.  Call us in to repair it before the roof allows leaks and further home damage!  We work hard to match your current roof materials, so that you have a functional and visually appealing final product.


The wood that runs along the roof line (fascia) often shows wear and tear before the roof does.  We prepaint and replace it for you.  Has the HOA sent you a letter complaining about the appearance of your fascia? Give us a call.  Have termites damaged it? We can replace it.

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